South Carolina Medical Group Management Association

Membership Types

  • Active membership shall be limited to those individuals who are employed by a medical practice or hospital and who work in a management/supervisory capacity.  An active member may manage personnel or a function , determined by the job description of the organization.
    Cost: $125

    Benefits of Individual Membership

    • Healthcare manager’s community
    • Business luncheons
    • Professional speakers discussing pertinent healthcare topics
    • Networking opportunities
    • Healthcare Membership Research
    • Affiliate recommendations
    • Membership Forums
    • Opportunities to participate at board level
    • Obtain certification through ACMPE
    • Attend annual conferences at discounted rates
  • The South Carolina Medical Group Management Association (SCMGMA) offers a robust membership package for corporate venders. SCMGMA is affiliated with the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), the nation’s largest organization representing the interests of professional healthcare managers, and ranks as MGMA’s third largest state affiliate. MGMA provides the resources and educational opportunities necessary to enhance administrative skills and ensure the continued professional growth of healthcare managers.

    Gold Member Package - $5,000

    Silver Member Package - $3,500

    Bronze Member Package - $2,000

    Corporate Benefits
  • Affiliate membership shall be those individuals who provide products or services to healthcare organizations and who have not joined as a corporate member.  This includes, but is not limited to, marketing and consultative services.
    Cost: $300

    Benefits of an affiliate member

    • Business Luncheons
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Speaking Opportunities
    • Affiliate Fairs
    • Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Chapter participation
    • Recommended Listings

Other Membership Types

Corporate / Individual Members

Individuals employed by the company maintaining the corporate membership may join two or more local chapter(s) of choice at the corporate/individual rate per member, per chapter if they desire to participate at the chapter level.
Cost: $150 per person per chapter

Honorary Members

Honorary membership shall be limited to those members recognized by SCMGMA in recognition of outstanding service to the medical profession or to the organization. Chapters may submit recommendations for honorary members to the state organization for review and approval. Any honorary member meeting the qualifications of active member will have the same rights and privileges as active members, but must pay dues in order to vote.

Life Members

Life membership shall be those individuals who have been members of the SCMGMA for twenty (20) years, have been active members, inactive, or members-at-large and are retired from a healthcare organization. Members who have served as members of the SCMGMA and who were previously grandfathered in through the 2004 merger of the SCMMA and the SCMGMA may be eligible with the same requirements. Life membership requires state board approval.

Inactive Members

Inactive membership shall be limited to any active member who is not currently in compliance with active membership requirements but who wishes to remain a member of this organization for the remainder of the year. Inactive members shall have the same rights and privileges as active members.


Members-At-Large membership shall be limited to those individuals who qualify for active membership but who are unable to form a local chapter.

Student Members

Student membership shall be limited to students currently enrolled in a healthcare program of study at a recognized college or university who are interested in the mission/purpose of the SCMGMA and who do not qualify for active membership.
Cost: $50